About the Card

The Studentsaver card is offered through Canada’s only student-owned and operated national discount program. Thousands of discounts across the country help students save money on everyday purchases like books, clothing, food and entertainment.

Unlike the ISIC, the Studentsaver is available to all students, including part-time students. Students can get a Studentsaver card for free at their students’ union.

How to Solicit Discounts

The Studentsaver discount program is student-run because students know best which stores and attractions their peers frequent most often and, as a result, are the most capable of securing discounts from businesses in their communities. Student solicitors are hired to approach businesses encourage them to participate in the discount program.

Student solicitors encourage local businesses to provide exclusive discounts for Studentsaver cardholders and help students save money. In exchange, the Federation offers to list their businesses online, in handbooks and on promotional flyers and posters that are distributed throughout the year.

Discounts are renewed and added each year. Local discounts solicited for the Studentsaver discount program are also made available to ISIC holders.

To become a Student Solicitor, apply for the job by contacting the Federation.