The Canadian Federation of Students partners with businesses across the world to provide local, national and international discounts for students. Currently, the program provides the student membership two discount cards: the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) and the Studentsaver card. Members of the Federation get these cards for free!

Across Canada, students rely on these discount cards to make everyday purchases more affordable. Thousands of businesses around campus communities provide discounts every year to students. Participating businesses include restaurants, bookstores, salons, flower shops, tattoo parlors and more.

Student solicitors approach stores that they often go to throughout the year to encourage them to participate. In exchange for offering a discount, businesses receive free promotional support including listings online, in student handbooks and in posters and flyers distributed on campuses all across the country.

Members can get a free ISIC or Studentsaver card by visiting their local students’ union or by contacting the Federation. The ISIC is also available online at Non-members can purchase the card online.

To offer student discounts and receive free promotional support, businesses can contact the Federation.