The National Student Health Network is the Federation-coordinated, buying consortium for health and dental insurance. The primary purpose of the consortium is to use the collective expertise and combined purchasing power of participating students’ unions to secure lower rates and better coverage for individual members.

Through the cooperative services model offered by the Federation, students’ unions have direct control over the services offered by their health and dental plans. It was this control that allowed the Network to be among the first providers to regularly cover oral contraception and the first to offer spousal benefits to same-sex partners.

 Discount Networks

Over 850 dentists participate in the Dental Discount Network to reduce student members’ co-pay by 20% to 30%.

The Vision Network discount varies between 10% to 30% at The Bay Optical, Hakim Optical,, and The Eyewear Advantage Network (Sears Optical and LensCrafters).

Students can also use their International Student Identity Card to get discounts on pharmaceutical products and services. OnPharm, a group of over 230 independent pharmacies in Ontario, runs the discount program, called RxNet. RxNet provides cost-effective ways to obtain prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and other products and services.

Network members’ plans are covered by Green Shield Canada, the country’s only not-for-profit insurer.

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