Although they are meant to be places of learning, post-secondary institutions can often be unwelcoming and unsafe for many students. The gender binary places people into gender roles and identities. Systems in society, like education, reflect this binary. For trans* people and people who do not identify with or conform to the gender binary, their college or university can be a violent and excluding environment.

The following resources have been gathered from multiple sources and are a starting point for students’ unions and groups who want to work towards a gender inclusive campus. If you have suggestions or changes, please contact us through the website.

Terms and concepts

This list of terms and concepts has been borrowed and adapted from EGALE Canada and introduces several definitions related to gender and gender inclusion.

Download (PDF, 45KB)

Challenging cisnormativity

Understanding personal and structural cisnormativity is an important part of creating gender inclusive spaces. Use these checklists to identify your own cis privilege and your institutions’ gender inclusivity.

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Re-purposing existing washrooms

Trans* and gender non-conforming people often feel uncomfortable and are subject to harassment and violence when using gender-specific campus washrooms. It is important that students lobby administrations to provide accessible gender-neutral washroom options on campus. While working towards altering or installing washrooms and/or signage, you may want to re-purpose existing washrooms in the meantime if you are holding an event, meeting or gathering. This resource provides some suggestions for doing so

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Gender Diversity and Inclusion Policy

There are several gender diversity and inclusion policies in universities across North America.  This document, produced by the Trans Needs Committee of Memorial University of Newfoundland, outlines some examples of those, however this list is not conclusive or exhaustive. If you have additional examples to add to this list, please contact us.

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