The Northern Region Caucus unites individual members and member local associations within the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario who are from post-secondary institutions in Northern Ontario. The Caucus provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas in order to promote the interests of northern students and to post-secondary education in the North. Students studying in Northern Ontario also join together with over 300,000 students across the province to lobby on issues of concern to all students such as tuition fees, student debt, research and core funding to post-secondary institutions.

For a variety of reasons, northern colleges and universities require additional supports, over and above those offered to other institutions, in order to provide high quality post-secondary education. While many institutions rely on private resources for funding, northern institutions do not often have large endowments or access to financial centres. Thus, students at northern colleges and universities recognise the importance of public government funding for public post-secondary institutions.

In addition, students and families who reside in northern and rural regions of Ontario often also face barriers that are unique from those faced by students in the southern part of the province and large municipalities. Northern Ontario is home to a significant number of Aboriginal and francophone communities that face particular educational barriers. In general, students who study in the North often have to contend with higher prices for commodities, lower vacancy rates, fewer employment opportunities and lower than average wages. Northern students also typically commute for longer distances to school and often face challenges due to the lack of public transportation infrastructure within their communities.

The Northern Region Caucus hosts an annual conference, Spirit of the North, where students from across Northern Ontario gather to attend skills-based workshops and presentations, and discuss current issues prevalent to northern students. The Caucus also meets twice a year in conjunction with the Federation’s Ontario Annual General Meeting and Ontario Semi-Annual General Meeting, where the Caucus develops campaigns and policies on northern issues.

Representative Structure

The Caucus meets twice a year, at the Ontario Annual and Semi-Annual General Meetings, to discuss issues of concern to members studying at Northern institutions. At these meetings, the Caucus has the opportunity to discuss current issues and examine the specific concerns of its members on their campuses, as well as campaigns and policies that could be implemented by the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario.

Every year, the Caucus elects a representative who acts as spokespersons for the group.

The Caucus currently has one executive position, which also sits on the Ontario Executive Committee:

Chairperson: Farhan Yousaf


The aims and purposes of the caucus are:

a) to promote the interests of its member northern constituencies to the provincial government and all other external authorities whose jurisdiction affects northern student affairs; and

b) to act as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas between Northern Ontario member associations.

Member Locals

  • Local 20: Nipissing University Student Union
  • Local 30: Laurentian University Students’ General Association
  • Local 32: Lakehead University Student Union
  • Local 82: Algoma University Students’ Union
  • Local 88: Association des étudiantes et étudiants francophones de l’Université Laurentienne
  • Local 104: Laurentian Association of Mature and Part-time Students
  • Local 110: Laurentian University Graduate Students’ Association
  • Local 111: Laurentian University at Barrie Students’ Union
  • Local 112: Collège Boréal Association générale des étudiants et des étudiantes


For more information about the Caucus, email