The Francophone and Bilingual Caucus unites members across the province. The Caucus was formed because many student representatives across the province wished to strengthen their ties and give their members a collective voice. The Caucus derives its strength from the unity of its members working together to influence policies that affect Francophone students in both colleges and universities in Ontario.

The Caucus meets twice a year, at the Ontario Annual and Semi-Annual General Meetings, to discuss issues of concern to its members. At these meetings, the Caucus has the opportunity to discuss current issues and examine the specific concerns of its members on their campuses, as well as campaigns and policies that could be implemented by the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario.

Every year, the Caucus elects two representatives, a Chair and a Deputy Chair, who act as spokespersons for the group.

The Caucus currently has one executive position:

Chair: Hadi Wess


The Caucus objectives are:

a) support the Declaration of Principles of the Federation;

b) defend the interests of its student union locals at the provincial government level and any other external authority whose jurisdiction affects francophone or bilingual post-secondary education; and

c) act as the forum where francophone and bilingual student unions in Ontario can share information and ideas.

Member Locals

  • Local 30: Laurentian University Students’ General Association
  • Local 41: Student Federation of the University of Ottawa/Fédération étudiante de l’Université d’Ottawa
  • Local 85: Saint Paul University Students’ Association
  • Local 88: Association des étudiantes et étudiants francophones de l’Université Laurentienne
  • Local 93: Glendon College Student Union/Association étudiante du Collège Glendon
  • Local 94: University of Ottawa Graduate Students’ Association/Association des étudiant(e)s diplômé(e)s de l’Université d’Ottawa
  • Local 104: Laurentian Association of Mature and Part-Time Students
  • Local 107: Association étudiante de La Cité collégiale
  • Local 110: Laurentian University Graduate Students’ Association
  • Local 112: Association générale des étudiantes et étudiants du Collège Boréal


For more information about the Caucus, email